Try Before You Buy

You may not know this yet, but we actually have our own factory here in the north. We started designing our own machines years ago, and we manufacture them ourselves; you can even come along and have a look for yourself and watch as we build them. You may be interested in buying a machine of ours – perhaps you’re a professional caterer looking for equipment for your mobile business or maybe even a domestic caterer who’s heard about the reasons why you should use a hog roast machine for much of your home cooking. David is the latter, having called us recently asking for an appointment to look around our factory and showroom. He had been recommended to us by a client of his who had enjoyed a hog roast of ours in the past, and started to research on the Internet this way of cooking.

When David arrived at our factory, he was suitably impressed with our range of hog roast machines and very surprised to learn just how versatile they are. You don’t just have to roast pig on a hog roast machine (funnily enough!) as you can use them to cook many kinds of meat (from chicken to beef to lamb) as well as may different kinds of vegetables and potatoes. We designed the machines to be this versatile, so that they can meet the needs of many. Buying one of our machines is actually a wise investment, as you can save a lot of money in the long run. We know people who have ditched using their ovens and microwaves as they now use their hog roasting machines that they purchased from us to cook many kinds of dinners at home, not only for special events but for their normal family meals at home.

David decided to take our advice and hire one of our machines before diving in to buy one. He returned the very next day, keen to talk to us about our finance options, as his hog roast had been a big success.

As professionals in the key areas of hog roast machine hire and sales, as well as in catering services, we offer both professionals and home chefs many options. Book an appointment with us today to see for yourself.