Hog Roast Kit

Here at Hog Master, we put a lot of thought into the hog and spit roasting machines which we design and manufacture for our broad client base. With a huge amount of experience in design, manufacture as well as experience in the catering industry – we know just how important it is to make catering equipment as effective and as versatile as possible. In the same way that many top-end engineering firms and manufacturing companies in the world do, we ensure that all of our accessories and add-ons are a universal fit within our product range. Not only does this allow for each and ev ery machine to be fully customised to suit each caterer – but it also gives our caterers a broad scope for making their machines as effective as their ambitions and their budgets allow.

When it comes to our range of accessories, we put as much thought into them as we do our machines – which believe us, is a lot. Utilising the same high-tech design techniques, these accessories exhibit great levels of culinary effectiveness, whilst also being easy to transport and remaining great to look at. Just like our Hog Master hog and spit roasting machines, accessories such as the Hog Kit are made from high grade stainless steel and are built to last. Unlike many other items of culinary and cuisine-based equipment from other manufacturers out there, our products have been built with the intensive caterer in mind. Therefore, when you roast with our products, you can trust them to be up to the task and beyond.

The Hog Kit is a great accessory – and one that is very popular indeed with our vast clientele. As many of you are probably aware, the Hog Master machine comes in a variety of guises – notably as a Spit Roast Machine, A Hog Roast Machine or a Combi Roast Machine. If you had bought a Spit Roast Machine, the Hog Kit would an applicable purchase – as this would allow you to use your machine as a hog roasting unit as well as a spit roasting unit as and when you please. Naturally, if you have a hog roast or a combi roast machine then you would already have this equipment as standard.

As our accessories all fit universally, the Hog Kit could not be easier to use:

  • Firstly, it is important to affix the stainless steel end plates which come as part of the Hog Kit. As a pair, these stainless steel units effectively cover the gap – which ensures that no heat can escape whilst utilising the roasting properties of the machine whilst in hog roasting mode. Please note, these plates are not necessary for spit roasting, and are therefore not sold with a spit kit or as part of a Hog Master spit roasting machine unit.
  • When using the Hog Kit, the fully stainless steel hog roasting tray sits down in the bottom of the machine – sitting naturally there. It really is that simple – when we say that hog roasting is really hard to get wrong we absolutely mean it! You just put your pig in the tray, turn on the machine and relax – about six hours later you have a fully roasted pig with perfect crackling and meat that is perfectly moist.
  • When serving, the hog roasting tray is lifted up and placed onto the fully stainless steel lateral support bars, or straps as they are otherwise known. These bars sit neatly across the machine and allow the hog tray to sit at a level perfect for carving and even serving. One of the great aspects of this set-up is the fact that you can keep a pig in this serving position all day with a low burner flame underneath; by maintaining a great degree of warmth you can easily keep serving for hours on end – great for those days when your clients and customers are taking their time. This is something that a spit roasting machine would struggle to do.

The Hog Kit continues to be one of the best sellers in the whole entirety of our accessory range – and for very good reason. By offering a reasonably priced way of adding real versatility to your machine (this tray is great for roasting potatoes too, for example), we can offer real solutions for those who wish to create a huge amount of great food whilst not having to spend a great deal. Effectively turning your spit roaster into a combi roaster – this product package is a great way to upgrade to the best at a low cost to you.