Servicing – Pilot Lights

Our machine uses a self ignition pilot light system, this is designed to ensure you can both light the machine in a safe manner and have control over gas input and therefore the temperature. In order to function correctly these pilot lights need to be kept clean and clear.

Cleaning the machines is easy, all you need is hot soapy water, a steel wool cloth, wet and dry sand paper and a stainless steel cleaner and you’ll be able to achieve a perfect shine every time. During cooking fat particles can get caught in the pilot light and this can affect lighting the machine if not removed. Therefore during each clean take a small pin and insert into the pilot light to make sure nothing is blocking the system. After the clean make sure you light the machine and leave it running on a low flame for 10 mins to ensure the system is clear of blockages. This will also help you to dry the machine.

If this procedure isn’t followed your pilot light can become severely blocked. You will still be able to light the machine by manually overriding the system using a lighter or blowtorch to heat up the thermocouple; however it is good practise to keep the pilot light clear. The following video shows how to remove the pilot light to give it a clean or to replace it. As a general rule pilot light should be changed every year to ensure your machine operates smoothly. We sell pilot lights at £20 + VAT and offer next day delivery. So take a look at the video and give us a call if you need any parts.