Setting Up A Hog Roast Business

Here at Hog Master, we know just how useful and effective one of our fantastic hog or spit roast machines can be when it comes to providing a revenue stream. In todays world, the catering industry is a highly competitive arena – however our Hog Master Machines provide our clients with so much more when it comes to providing exceptional food in a whole variety of scenarios.

First and foremost when it comes to our machines providing a sound business investment is the culinary landscape at the moment. Never before has rustic and quality food been in such demand on behalf of the population. With the rise of such entities as the TV chef, for example, people across the whole of the British Isles are far more discerning when it comes to the quality of food they expect when dining out or at events. In this respect, our machines are perfect – as spit roasted meat hits the nail on the head when it comes to roasting meat in the finest possible way – from garden party food, right through to the cuisine which comes out of Michelin Starred kitchens – making our machine the perfect business partner.

For many, our Hog Master hog and spit roasting machines provide the solution to catering for private events. A huge market, the private party and function catering sphere fits our machines very well, through various reasons. First is the fact that our machines are incredibly easy to use and reliable. Along with this, one person can move, operate and maneouvre our machines via the fully operational steering system. Supplementing this is the fact that our stainless steel machines feature four hard wearing and rugged caster wheels – great for moving across gravel or lawns (its these small details which have the most profound effects). As with movement, it is possible for one machine to flame roast meat for over 400 people – which is versatility and culinary power at its finest. As if that wasn’t enough, our machines can roast potatoes to perfection, along with a whole host of vegetable varieties as you wish. So for the lone caterer, or for a part of catering unit, our hog and spit roasting machines give a huge amount, whilst taking up little space and effort on behalf of you or your staff.

Another area in which the ownership of one of our spit roasting machines excels, is for the machine to become an addition to an existing business. Although our machines are great for moving around; they are exceptional when used as a static appliance. Examples of this are our machines being used by pubs or restaurants, which is often the case with many of our customers. Not only can our machines roast a huge amount of meat in a manner which is incomparable, but they do so in a way which makes people lives easy – through the use of reliable burners and predictable roasting. Thus, restaurants love the way in which they can simply switch our machines on and in a few hours have exquisite meats to serve as part of their menus. Not only does it make the lives the operators easy, but it also thrills the diners; as the moistness of the meat when roasted in our machines is not attainable via any other method.

For those who do not wish to roast themselves, or are simply to busy to do so, our machines present a great business opportunity simply by just being there. With hog and spit roast machine hire at around £250 per event, the hire market is an excptional way to make money with you machine, without even using it yourself. Wth many low quality machines ot there, many people hve made the mistake of using low quality machines in the hire market – only to find that their machines breaak apart through erratic use by the publc. Often resulting in the loss of money – this is a poor idea when using machines sold by many of our competitors. By using high grade stainless steels, laser tooling and British production, we infuse beautiful design with solid, rugged build quality. Its one of the many reasons why our customers keep coming back. Through great build quality and an easy to clean set-up,our machines are just perfect for the hire market. Happy to be used intensively, our machines allow our clients to make a great deal of profit in the hire sector – its just one more way that the machine excels economically.

So if you want to add a highly profitable weapon to your culinary arsenal, you need look no further than here.