The Hog Master – The UK’s most popular Hog Roast Machine.

The Hogmaster has redefined the hog roasting industry. Hog roast catering is now easy and affordable for everyone, whether you’re a professional chef or a beginner.

With 30 years of experience in Hog Roast Catering, we know what works. This has helped us create a top-of-the-line machine. Easy to use and will consistently produce high-quality results. Our machines are versatile, compact, lightweight, tough, and durable.

Hog Roast MachineEasy to Use. Pulled Pork Perfection – and the easiest way to cook up to an 85 kilo pig. Simply place the pig into the hog roast tray, score with a sharp knife, pour on some water or olive oil and rub in some salt. Turn on the machine and a few hours later you have a perfect pig. Maximum effect, minimum effort. Read more…


Hog Roast Machine

Versatile Multi-Function Oven. What also makes the Hogmaster such a fantastic machine and so popular is its multi-function capability. The lid can be used as a table. It can also be used as a BBQ plate for cooking various foods while the pig is cooking. Additionally, it can be used as a separate BBQ. Read more…

Hog Roast Machine

Compact, Lightweight, Tough and Durable. This hog roast machine is the perfect size to cook up to an 80 kilo pig. It will also fit into any van, most estate cars and 4 x 4’s, through garden gates. With its light weight stainless steel construction can be easily manoeuvred into the most inaccessible of places. The Hog Master is built to last. It is used day in and day out in mass across the UK. Read more…

Hog Roast Machine


Perfectly Balanced Design. Never again will you fail to get into your venue. Our team, with 30 years of experience, designed the Hogmaster with a focus on accessibility. With the Hogmaster you will not come across any set up / access issues. Read More…




Hog Roast MachineLow Cost. Often you believe you need to buy an item purely because it costs more therefore you believe it will perform better. In this instance you would be mistaken.

The HogMaster is the top hog roast machine on the market for the best price. Spending less money will still get you the best product. . Read more…

We are delighted to welcome you to the home of British built, Hog Roast Machines. When we say home we mean it, because this really is the only place that you need to visit to find the ultimate in pig roasting technology, built right here in the UK in our very own factory.

Hog roasting is enjoying a real renaissance as a catering solution at the moment we are delighted to be playing a key role in raising the profile of this great meal.

Our ten years experience in the hog roast industry together with a very comprehensive knowledge of the catering market has helped in our quest to develop some of the leading hog roast machine catering solutions anywhere in the UK.

We are proud of our products and think once you try our machines, you won’t want to use anything else. These are the best on the market!

Looks Great – A fully stainless steel design means the machine not only looks great, but is easy to clean and is food safe.

Endless Variety – A large capacity means you can cater for large amounts of guests using one machine. You can also cook more than one meat in the machine at any one time meaning you can offer a wide range of options to your guests.

Durable – The Hog Master is built to last All our product are made out of heavy gauge stainless steel. Built to withstand the heat and the knocks that come with mobile catering. The machines are easily to maintain and only need an annual Gas Safe check.

Buy or Rent our Hog Roast Machines

There is something that many people find a little surprising about our machines and that is the place where they are made. In a world where most things are made cheaply in the Far East, we choose a different path. We are dedicated to quality and it sets us apart.

We design and manufacture every single one of our hog roast oven machines right here in the UK! We wanted the machines to be perfect, so we insisted on manufacturing them here. And we are glad that we made that choice because each machine truly is a tough, durable and quality piece of equipment.

Every single machine is CE certified to European standards and comes with a full one year guarantee. This is British manufacturing at its best.

Our hog roast machines are high-quality catering equipment available for sale or hire. They come with many professional features that make them perfect for any event. These machines are highly capable and efficient.

Just looking at a machine will give you an idea as to what you can expect. The stainless steel finish makes them look great and durable, perfect for catering events like pig roasts on the go.

Professional Grade Spit Roasting Machines

Our machines are not only tough but they are spacious inside and that means a lot of room for food. If you have plans on regularly cooking for lots of diners, this is the machine for you. You can even cook multiple meats on one machine at a time which means it is even more able to meet your diners’ needs.

Mobility is key with these machines. They are tough but easy to move thanks to high-quality wheels and lightweight design. You can easily place them wherever you need.

Narrow doorways? No problem. It has been built with those in mind! And of course, truly great pig roast machines are all about results and the quality of food that you achieve with one of our machines is exceptional. You simply cannot go wrong!