A Typical Event

Here at Hog Master we are continually on the other end of the phone when it comes to customer support. Part and parcel of fostering good relations with all of our clients, the ability to offer our clients hog and spit roasting support is just one of the things which separates us from our competitors. Bearing in mind that our beginnings in hog and spit roasting manufacture began through our love of hog roasting itself, we feel that offering our clients the chance to stay ahead when roasting is something which we know a lot about.

Events are the place where our machines return the most capital in terms of the investment you made when you purchased it. Sure, by hiring out your Hog Master you can reap a huge profit over the years, however events will provide much more money per time – and it is here where many of our clients in the past have requested our guidance. Although a fully comprehensive guide to working in the best possible way on events is provided on our easy to use instructional CD (supplied with each and every Hog Master machine), this page will show you a few simple guidelines which must be adhered to if you wish to cater at events in a manner which will generate repeat custom and repeat profit.

Firstly the age old addage of preparation being crucial is once again very much the case here. When it comes to hog and spit roasting at events, the more you can do before the event, the better. By ensuring that you are always organised, you are making the best possible start. Make sure you have all the correct ingredients and are thoroughly aware of the route to the event. Pack everything into your vehicle carefully, taking time to check the machine and equipment as it goes. Be logical, place things where they will be the most easily retrievable at the right time. By being organised, you vastly decrease the amont of things which can go wrong – remember that the biggest cause for the failure of event catering is normally down to poor organisation. Leave in plenty of time and dont be late – it sets the event catering process off on the wrong foot and crucially may displease your clients before you’ve even started with the food.

Once successfully on site, it is crucial that you make contact with the person who you have been dealing with in terms of event organisation. Alternatively, you may need to contact the person in charge of the running of the day in question, if your initial contact is not present. Be sure you know what is expected of you as caterers – this includes where the clients may wish the service to take place, and how long between courses etc. By making positive contact, you gain both the crucial information you need from the client, whilst also giving the clients confidence in you as the event caterer. Be polite and always remeber that the minute you arrive you are an ambassador – selling your product well before you’ve started roasting (in fact, this process started when the client first made contact with you). Once you and your client are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet,’ move off and set up. If outdoors, use a gazebo or cover even if the weather is good.

When it comes to roasting the pig or animal in question, ensure that the meat is well prepared. Once onto the spit of your Hog Master, allow a comfortable hour for each 10 kilogrammes of meat which you are roasting. By being well organised, you will have arrived on site with more than enough time to meet your client, set up your equipment and have an hour per 10 kilos of meat in terms of roasting time. If not, you may be in trouble – as the service time desired by the client may now be too soon for your meat and crackling to be perfect. When you feel that the roasting process has reached its conclusion, be sure to check the core temperature of the pig – remembering that the minimum of 73 degrees celsius core temperature is necessary before serving the meat to your clients.

When serving remember that your clients are there to see as well as to taste. With this in mind, ensure that the solid door is the one which is folded down on the side of the machine which faces your clients. Smile, be confident and always joint the pig and carve from the joints. Place the crackling on the side of the machine which faces the customer – allowing them to see and anticipate the food which is coming their way. With the Hog Master, the meat will be special, as will the crackling – so show it off! Carve straight onto the plates of your clients for the theatrical ‘icing on the cake.’