FAQs – About our Machines

What is the capacity of the machine?

Depending on which version of the machine you are using there are two different cooking capacities The Spit Roast’s maximum weight is 65kg.The Hog Roast’s maximum weight is only limited to what you can fit in the cooking tray, however when cooking for a large number of guests it is better to cook a 60kg pig and add 4 boned and roles legs which fit easily into the machine this means you can feed a larger number of guests and still have the pig as your main centrepiece. Roughly speaking a 60kg pig will feed 110 people onto plates and 150 people into bread roles.

Which version is right for me, the hog roast or spit roast?

There are two versions of the Hog Master the Spit and the Hog both work with exactly the same base and therefore can be used interchangeably. Both attachments offer the user a unique set of advantages that can be utilised depending on the event.

Spit Roast – uses a spit pole, motor and bearings to spit a pig or lamb onto a pole that rotates in the machine. The advantages of this are it is a traditional way of cooking that your average customer doesn’t see every day. Therefore its adds bit of theatre to an event which makes it perfect for weddings, private parties and corporate events where the customer will see product being cooked and will be served from the machine. The spitted pig or lamb once cooked can be raised up onto serving bar which makes a fantastic centrepiece for any event. Furthermore the quality of meat and crackling is unrivalled; you’ll find the meat to be tender and moist and the crackling extra crispy.

Hog Roast – uses a stainless steel tray that sits stationary in the machine and then once cooked can be raised up into the service position. The hog roast offers many advantages it can cook large amounts of meat prefect for large events. It can cook different types of meat at the same time giving you the chance to offer your customer a choice. It doesn’t require electrical power and therefore can be used in

What do I need to operate the machine?

All of our machines require propane gas to light the burner. This is readily available from local suppliers and is inexpensive. Roughly speaking one 19kg bottle of propane should cook about 3 pigs meaning the cost per pig is minimal. If you are using the spit roast version of the Hog Master than a regular 240v supply is required for the motor. We can supply 12v motors if required that can be powered from a car battery. Then only your cooking utensils are needed, such as knife, fork, tongs ect.

Who is the Hog Master for?

The Hog Master is designed to suit a wide variety of needs and because of that we have a large number of customers who all use the machines differently. The large majority of our customers use our machines as part of a mobile catering business. Hog roast are extremely popular and lot of our customers use our machines at public and private parties such as weddings or corporate events. It’s a great way to become your own boss and can be run either full or part time. Also a large number of restaurants use our products both as a way to offer something different on their menu or just as an extra oven. Hotels, wedding venues, country houses, sporting venues are all customers of ours. Finally there is the home use market, a great way to impress friends and family at your next party.

Can you supply the machine overseas?

Yes, here at Hog master we have been exporting our machines all over the globe for years. From France, Australia and the Middle East the Hogmaster is truly a worldwide brand. Our product is CE certified for a large number of counties all over the world and we can supply instructions in the native language. Get in touch either by phone or email and one of our staff will be more than happy to draw up a quote and estimated delivery time. Also just because a customer is overseas doesn’t mean our service changes, we still offer the same warranty and guarantee and parts are still available and supplied as soon as possible.

Does the machine have CE mark?

Yes of course, here at Hogmaster we view safety with the upmost importance and all of our products are fully CE certified. This includes an annual CE inspection at our factory to ensure our procedures are up to the highest standard. We also perform quality checks on all our products before they leave the factory, and all our gas systems are fitted by Gas Safe registered engineers. All of our machines come not only with a 12 months warranty but we also supply a 12 month gas safe certificate. Each machine comes complete with a manual containing all the relevant safety information, assembly guides, and information on how to use the machine plus lots of hints and tips. Furthermore our blog, you tube channel and articles section are full of information designed to help you become a hog master. We also offer training packages whereby a Hogmaster expert can train you how to use the machine on a live event. And of course our technicians are available on the phone should you need any assistance.

I’m new to the industry can you help?

Yes, here at Hogmaster helping new ideas and businesses get off the ground is what we do. First and foremost we are hog roast caterers and have been for decades. So we consider ourselves experts within the industry. We are more than happy to pass this information on to you, this ranges from mobile catering advice such as, training, healthy and safety and insurance to getting the details right on your event, even far as helping you market your business and building you a website. Just take a quick look around our site it’s full of advices, hints and ideas on how to get started and be a success in the industry. Of course if you have any questions we are always on the phone ready to help.

Do you offer servicing?

Yes we offer a number of different service packages are available these include

Factory Service: You can bring your Hogmaster to our dedicated Factory for a complete service. This is a same day service and our factory is open year around Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. Please call to make a booking

Service Kit: Our machines are designed as such that any Gas Safe Commercial certified engineer can work on and service the machines. We can supply a service kit for this that includes: