Maintaining Your Hog Roast Machine

Here at Hog Master, we are synonymous with exceptional build quality. Throughout the catering industry and the wider business community, our rugged hog and spit toast machines are known and loved for their ability to last. By having an in-house design and construction program, we ensure that we have total control over the whole range of products we create. Unlike many of our competitors who out-source construction to manufacturers abroad, we know the value of British quality and in-house manufacture. By drawing on the skills of our technicians, we have created a range of hog and spit roasting machines which are designed to be used intensively – and crucially, that are designed to last and last. With this in mind, however, we are fully aware that the better you treat a machine, the better it will treat you; this goes for anything manufactured. Whilst our machines exhibit exceptional statistics when it comes to outlasting any of our competitors, it is still the case that if you follow some simple rules, you can make sure that your Hog Master spit roast machine or hog roast machine will keep working for you – for tens of years.

All of the top quality hog and spit roast machines which we design and manufacture here at Hog Master come complete with an easy to use instructional CD. Put together by us, this CD shows you just how to look after your new machine and often, your new investment. However, this aspect of the page allows our prospective clients to see just whats neccessary when it comes to making that investment work extra hard for you. Just like the latest German made executive car – everyone knows its going to last; however, looking after it will ensure that it not only lasts longer, but it acquits itself far better.

Our top of the range fully stainless steel machines exhibit the finest attributes when it comes to easy cleaning. By cleaning soon after each hog or spit roast with warm soapy water, the user can rest assured that the machine will continue to look stunning for many many years to come. Irrespective of being knocked about in the back of vans (something which often happens when out on catering assignnments), a simple wipe will show up this machine beautifully every time. Our budget orientated machines involve body panels which are still made from 100% stainless steel – a reflection on our commitment to absolute quality whilst also driving costs down for our clients and customers. By ensuring that the machines are cleaned after use with warm soapy water, the user can once again look forward to many years of loyal use from their Hog Master machine.

The gas parts and ignition sytems form one of the most crucial aspects of the machine. We have deliberatley designed these areas to be as easy to replace as possible. This is due to a couple of reasons. First and foremost is the legal aspect, as each commercially used hog or spit roast machine must have a gas safety certificate on an annual basis. Any qualified plumber can do this – and our gas parts and ignition parts are easy to work with – allowing the plumber or technician to work quickly and easily when checking these parts on an annual basis. Also, the replaceable parts in this area can be purchased very cheaply from us, which means that if these parts do ever need replacing, they are cheap to buy and very easy to fit. By simply spraying a small amount of WD40 on the gas valve after each use and quickly checking the pilot light, you can ensure that your machine will simply keep on working at its very best.

As with all of the products we make here at Hog Master, we have found that by going the extra mile we not only gain repeat custom but also that we feel pride in the products we make. Reflected with our sales both here and abroad, our services offer our clients the very best when it comes to maximising their catering capabilities in an increasingly competitive market place. Through this angle, we have continued to push when it comes to making our machines the very best they can be. This is reflected in our use of top quality materials and market leading construction techhniques. By looking after your Hog Master, you will get the most from the machines we have put years of hard work and dedication into creating.