Here at The Hogmaster we understand that once we sell you a machine that’s the first step of your hog roasting journey. This is why we offer a range of training and support programmes to ensure that you are not only comfortable with how to use your machine to it’s full potential but if you are setting up a hog roasting business, you have all the knowledge to ensure that you are successful.

Training Programmes

The training programmes that we offer are varied and will cover all aspects of hog roasting, setting up a hog roasting business and even the work behind the scenes of running a hog roast business. We are there to assist with the full process and guide you along the way. Depending on your location we can conduct our sessions with you either over the phone, via email, or at our head office based in Lancashire.

One of our most popular training packages is our ‘1 Day Hog Roaster Course’ in which you will learn the in’s and out’s of your hog roast machine. Learn how to cook a variety of products with the machine, prepare your accompanying side dishes and then serve real guests at a mock event. Our YouTube channel has some fantastic videos for you to take a look at of other people who chose to join us for their ‘1 Day Hog Roaster Course’.

Decades Of Knowledge And Experience

We want to share with you all the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the last 30 years within the industry to make budding new hog roasters as successful as they can be! The chances are that any problems you would be due to come across, we will have already come across ourselves and will have the perfect solution for you.

You don’t just want to buy a hog roast machine from anyone, you will want to buy into the success and support and you can do all of this with The Hogmaster!