Chicken Kit

When it comes to adding real innovation to our products, we are out-and-out market leaders. Nowhere is this more visible than with our fantastic Chicken Spit accessory. For every other hog and spit roast machine manufacturer out there, roasting pigs is enough – however we understand that the modern climate for the caterer entails a very competitive market place indeed. For the lone caterer at an event, it is paramount that a hog and spit roasting machine which takes up a large amount of space in an estate car, can really pay dividends when out on the job. So, of course, our Hog Master machines make absolute light work out of roasting pigs, lambs and whols ides of beef – but there is so much more that can be done too. Not only does this increase the amount and variety of food which comes out of the machine on events, but it also maximises the profits for the caterer – ensuring that the Hog Master machine continues to be, pound for pound, the best investment a modern day caterer can make when it comes to their equipment. In an extension to providing the best spit roasting solutions, our sublime Chicken Spit accessory is an absolute winner – and there are many reasons for this.

First and foremost, this piece of culinary technology is made from fully stainless steel – yet another aspect of our range which exhibits this important trait. By utilising ultra-modern crafting techniques (including computerised laser tooling), the Chicken Spit is intricate in design whilst also being extremely tough in terms of construction; we wouldn’t have it any other way – after all, its designed with the avid and intensive caterer in mind. The product lasts and lasts, able to suffer the rigours of the catering industry with the same ease that the Hog Master machine does.

Secondly, the rotisserie based design allows the caterer or user to simply lock the Chicken Spit onto the original pole from the spit kit – very simple yet highly effective. Please note, that the Chicken Spit can only be used in conjunction with a Spit Kit. Therefore if you have a Hog Roast Machine, you will need a Spit Kit prior to a Chicken Spit. If you have a Spit Roasting Machine or a Combi Machine then you have all you need in order to go ahead and complete the package with this epic piece of culinary wizardry.

Next is where it gets really incredible; onto the Chicken Spit you can attach up to 40 chickens at one time. Not only can you roast and prepare a huge amount of delicious chickens for your clients – but you do so in a way which generates maximum flavour from your produce. Put simply, chicken doesn’t taste this way when roasted in any other manner. We all know that the time-window of having chicken that is roasted enough to be totally safe, whilst also being very moist, is a fine one – and one which many caterers miss due to other commitments. As with the roasting method for our pigs, the rotating motion over the live flames within the heart of the Hog Master machine ensures that the meat is continually self-basted, retaining all that precious moisture whilst giving a golden colour to the outside – brilliant to see and even better to eat. Truly one of the favourites of our many clients who are intensive caterers, the Chicken Spit continues to grow in popularity.

Finally, once you have finished roasting, the Chicken Spit makes serving easy, as you raise the spit pole up into the serivng position and carve from there. Easy to clean and maintain (as with all of our fully stainless steel accessories), this piece of equipment is just another example of how determined we are to help caterers get the most from their hog and spit roasting products when out ‘in the field.’

Due to having all of our design and construction ‘in house,’ we have managed to make a huge amount of savings on behalf of the customer. By ensuring that our processes are as streamlined and waste-effeicient as possible, it is now easy for our customers to purchase a superb catering product such as the Chicken Spit for a very low price indeed – great at the moment when money is scarce for many in the catering industry. So simply give us a call and you too could have this stunning piece of equipment for your Hog Master Machine.