Renting From Hog Roast Empingham Makes A Lot Of Sense

Hog Roast Empingham can help both professional chefs and domestic cooks with hiring hog roast equipment in order to make your own and we’ve even been manufacturing our own range of machines for many years now, which are the ones we use ourselves when catering. We built them with ease of use in mind and each model has its own clear advantages, so whether you’re looking for a smaller machine to feed just a few people or a beast of a machine to cater for hundreds of people, renting from us makes a lot of sense.

Hog Roast EmpinghamWhat you may be surprised to find out is that while our Hog Roast Empingham hog roast machines cook perfect, mouth watering hog roasts slowly but surely over several hours, they are actually capable of cooking so much more. With our attachments, you can spit-roast or barbecue your choice of meat instead, and you can even cook various food inside the machine, like vegetables and potatoes, meaning you can cook a whole meal at one time if needed. Whatever reason you’re thinking of renting this kind of equipment, as you can see, ours are incredibly versatile and often used for cooking all kinds of delicious food, for birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, corporate functions, post-lockdown gatherings with loves ones and anything else at all.

Whether you’re a domestic cook hiring one of our machines to cook for friends or family at home or a pro cooking for your own customers, once you’ve tried your hand at this way of cooking, we’re sure you’ll be hooked. If you’re a complete newbie, there’s no need to worry, as our all-inclusive price includes the machine hire, the gas needed, drop-off at your chosen venue and also the knowledge and experience of one of our friendly chefs. We walk you through exactly how to use it and how to get the best out of it and we can even provide the meat for an additional price, if you’d like to use the same high-quality, local goodness that we cook.

Call Hog Roast Empingham today and ask us about renting one of our machines – you won’t regret it!