Hog Roast Canary Wharf Hogmaster Pro Purchase

In addition to our successful catering business, did you know that Hog Roast Canary Wharf also run a popular machines shop? Over the years we have found that people are fascinated with the very machines that we use to provide succulent roasts up and down the country. As these machines are all designed and built by us we thought we would share these brilliant machines with our customers by making them available for both hire and purchase.

Hogmaster ProLiam, a recent machines customer, said himself that he couldn’t believe the results that we are able to get from these machines. Having tasted our Hog Roast Canary Wharf food at a friend’s birthday, Liam told us he had simply been in awe of the chefs at the event and when he found out that he could cook a hog himself he knew he had to try!

We always like to invite our machines customers to come and visit our factory in the north west of England where we build and hand craft these machines. From here our friendly team of Hog Roast Canary Wharf engineers can answer any questions you may have and give demonstrations on each of the machines.

After we showed Liam around he actually decided to put an order in to buy the Hogmaster Pro machine! He mentioned how he had simply fallen in love with its intuitive design and felt like that with its petite, yet still more than capable size, he would be able to fully get himself started in the art of hog roasting.

We were of course pleased that Liam was so happy with his purchase and made sure to give him lots of handy hints and tips in order to get the most out of his machine. What’s more is we always like to help our clients out and so we gave him the name of our favourite Hog Roast Canary Wharf suppliers so that he would have everything he needed to create the first of many hog roasts!