Why Is A Hog Roaster The Best Piece Of Mobile Equipment For Cooking Any Type Of Meat?

Here at Hog Roast Machines, we have developed a range of specialised machines that can help us to prepare perfectly cooked pork time and time again. Our equipment never lets us down, nor the many clients who have gone on to hire or purchase one from us. Although of course they are designed primarily to cook whole hogs, our machines are incredibly versatile pieces of equipment that can be used to cook a range of different types of meat and produce the same tender, tasty and impressive results.

We would like to give you a brief insight into how flexible our machines are and the range of different meat dishes they can be used to prepare in addition to classic hog roasts.

Excellent for cooking any large joint of meat

The long and slow cooking method is the best way of maximising the flavour and succulence of our signature hog roasts, and this technique actually works just as well with any other large joint of meat. Whether you prefer beef, lamb or turkey instead, a hog roaster can cook it to perfection. Cooking the joint slowly for a number of hours, depending on its size, is guaranteed to produce the optimum taste and texture you aspire to achieve.

Efficient and effective rotisserie style cooking

Thanks to Hog Roast Machines’ range of different attachments, you can alter the function of our hog roasters and how they cook the food. We have a very popular rotisserie chicken spit attachment, which enables you to cook multiple whole chickens at the same time, producing tasty and tender meat and lovely crispy skin as the machine turns the chickens slowly and continuously until they are perfectly cooked.

Fantastic flame grilled BBQ food

HogmasterSome of our hog roasters can also be transformed into the ultimate BBQ machine, allowing you to provide sizzling sausages, beautiful burgers, grilled veggie skewers and more. Tender and perfectly cooked on the inside, with that distinctive smoky flavour on the outside, you can provide fantastic BBQ food fresh off the grill for any number of guests.

If you want a versatile and fool-proof way of cooking any type of meat dish, please contact the Hog Roast Machines team to enquire about our range of industry-leading hog roast machines!