Out the Door

Hog roasting is traditionally thought of as seasonal affair, but in recent years its popularity has grown such that now it has become a year round industry. A lot of our customers now operate full time mobile catering businesses and therefore there is a demand for our products even in the winter months. The picture before taken at our dedicated factory yesterday is evidence of that. We have hogmasters flying out the door and it’s great to see our customers busy at this time of year. Also a lot of our sales our people preparing for the summer season of hog roasting. We expect 2012 to be one of the biggest years for a decade for event and this means that caterers, restaurants, pubs and local business are going to be kept busy. Therefore it is advisable to get prepared early and make the most out of the extended summer season. We have a lot of early bird deals this month so why not get in touch speak to our sales team.

The Hogmaster Team