Hog Master Machine

We are now selling and hiring more machines than ever, and even though the summer is coming to an end there is still a very high demand. This is because we design and manufacture all our machines and with 15 years in the Hog Roast catering industry we have designed them to perfection, using our own knowledge on how to cook the perfect Hog Roast.

Our newest machine the “Hog Master” has all ready sold more than 200 and we are  selling more and more everyday, due to the fact they are reasonably priced and can cook to a very high standard. The Hog Master is made entirely of stainless steel which means its very tough and long lasting , also easy to clean, and with four good quality wheels you can manoeuvre this amazing piece of catering equipment with ease.

All our machines we manufacture from our own factory in the north west and they are all CE certified. We have yearly CE inspections to make sure are machines are 100% safe to use in any environment weather it be inside or out.

All our machines also come with a 12 month warranty and 12 month gas safety certificate.

You can look on our very own youtube channel to see how our machines actually work and to see how easy they are to use, and how good it cooks meat to perfection with ease.

We have a massive team of professional chefs who work for us and go out on catering jobs every weekend and simply could not do the job without the Hog Master.

if you have had your machine a while we offer a full machine service yearly, we also sell a range of fantastic accessories for the Hog Master including the Spit Kit, Chicken Spit, and BBQ which allows you to cook many different types of meat to a high standard.

With the Chicken Spit you and easily cook up to 36 chickens at a time and with only 3 hours cooking time this is a perfect way to cater for a large crowd with ease, simply slide the chickens on to the spit, place the chicken spit in to the machine, connect the end to the motor, then just turn on the gas burner and switch on the motor, then watch the chickens rotate over the roaring flame.

You can use the same process to cook beef, and pork or lamb legs.