Getting To Grips With Your New Hog Roast Machine

How was your Christmas? Nice and relaxed? Did anyone get any particularly great gifts? At Hog Roast Machines we know for certain that one or two of you out there will have woken up on Christmas day to a rather large looking package. And we might even happen to know that once unwrapped it was a whole hog roasting machine! We just happen to have some connections with Santa for this particular present…

If you did receive a brand-new hog roasting machine then congratulations and welcome. You are joining an excellent tradition that has endured for centuries, and you are soon going to have a new obsessive hobby that all of your friends and family are going to be into too. Authentic hog roasting is an incredible culinary art that everyone can enjoy, not just because it is delicious to eat but also because it looks spectacular too.

Hog Roast MachineNow, if you are looking at your hog roasting machine and seeing it as a daunting prospect then not to worry. At Hog Roast Machines we are experts with these incredible machines. We made them, and we use them every single day to feed hundreds of guests at events. They have never once steered us wrong, and they won’t you either. To get started with it can seem challenging however, though in practice it is actually quite simple once you are comfortable with it. Learning all about your machine and how it can be best utilised will have you able to produce some incredible dishes for loved ones. It can be as simple as setting it and forgetting it, but with some extra expertise it can be so much more!

If your machine has been purchased from Hog Roast Machines then it may well be that you are also entitled to a free training session with our manufacturing team. This session will take you out to our warehouses for a full day of learning and practice with a hog roast machine from the experts that make and use them every day. You’ll be set with plenty of tips and tricks from this session, so we would highly recommend enquiring about it if you haven’t already.

Our team are always happy to chat about your machine, so feel free to contact your Hog Roast Machines team at any time!