Check out the Hog Master machine

The Hogmaster is one of our best selling machines, it is light weight, reliable and  is made of stainless steel which means it looks good and is easy to clean and maintain which is good for food hygiene reasons.

The Hogmaster uses propane gas to power a full length gas burner which is essential for the use of a Hog roast or a Spit roast. It has four caster wheels which means that the machines is easy to move around on all types of terrain.

There is a range of accessories we sell for the Hogmaster machine that include a BBQ plate and chicken spit attachments which you can use to cook a number of different meats.

One of our most successful accessories that we sell is the Spit Roast kit which includes ,1 x spit pole1 x pole coupling2 x triangles2 x u-bolts1 x 4 pronger1 x 2 pronger1 x spit stop1 x claw and also includes 8 x 17mm screws, all you need for the perfect Spit roasted pig or lamb.

If you don’t fancy spitting a full bodied pig or lamb you can always stick to the Hog Roast tray which is simple to use and easy to clean. .The Hog Roast tray allows you  to cook using the traditional roasting method which has its advantages, because you are cooking the pig or lamb in a tray rather than a spit when the pig or lamb is fully cooked all the juices are collected in the bottom of the tray making the meat extra juicy and tender and the meat will not go cold or dry. Using the tray vastly increases the capacity of the machine, you can now use a much larger pig to be cooked in the machine in comparison to the Spit roast, you can easy cater for up to 300 people with one Hog roast tray plus you can use it to cook pork or lamb legs, chickens, sausages and even jacket potatoes, this is the main reason people tend to go for the tray rather than a Spit, plus it is a lot easier to clean and maintain.

If you would like more information about our machines you can give one of our friendly staff a call at the office or why not come to our factory in Lancashire take a tour and watch us building the machines. We have a fully stocked showroom with all our machine, parts and accessories. Visits are by appointment only so give us a call and one of our hog roast specialists will be more than happy to show you round and answer any questions on our product or industry.