Hog Master Attachments

If you have had chance to look at our other range of machines (i.e.: the titan and the professional) you may wonder what other variations hog roast machine could do. Well, wonder no more as the Hog master is a proven winner when it comes to delivering succulent pork with the best crackling.

The Hog Master is a fully stainless steel machine, which makes the machine durable and long lasting, that also has four chunky tyres on the base. This makes the Hog Master very mobile and very good outdoors which means it will be very easy manoeuvre on uneven ground.

The Hog Master has a variation of cooking styles that can be used to cook all types of meat. The first cooking style is the traditional spit roast. A Spit roast is where the pig is cooked on a pole and rotates to give great results and perfect succulent pork every time. Another great thing about Spit roasting is that it is a spectacle to watch the pig slowly rotate over the flames while the aroma of succulent pork fills the air. Although a more expensive option, it is well worth the price.

The second way of cooking on the Hog Master is hog roasting. This consists of laying the pig on a metal tray and roasting it. Although it is not as spectacular as spit roasting, it still delivers a perfectly cooked pig and it a cheaper option than spit roasting.

Not a big fan of pork? No need to worry, as the hog master can be fitted with a chicken spit attachment. This attachment allows the user to cook 36 large chickens at once! However you are not only limited to chicken… beef and lamb joints can also be used on the chicken spit in order to give variety to the party menu you are providing and still give great results.
The fourth and final way of cooking on the Hog Master is BBQ. Like a traditional BBQ, burgers and sausages can be cooked on the Hog Master with a BBQ plate attachment. The Flames heat up the BBQ plate and then cooks the meat placed on top. Vegetables could also be cooked to compliment the meat.

We are now in July and are still yet to experience the best of the summer weather! It is not too late to hire or buy a hog master and take your summer event to the next level.