Hogmaster – Summer review

It’s been a busy summer for the Hogmaster range of machines, although you might not think it with the bad weather! People are not put off using a hog roast machine and more specifically, out Hogmaster. It has been one of the most popular machines this summer that we produce, with the phones ringing off the hook, and Hogmaster’s being distributed to people and businesses up and down the country.

It’s not hard to see why people have been so interested in the Hogmaster. The machine is fully capable of being used outdoors! It is fitted with 4 chunky tyres that make it very easy to move and manoeuvrable; even on rough ground. The machine is also made of stainless steel, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain. The Hogmaster is also one of the bigger machines hog roast machines on the market. This means that bigger pigs can also be cooked on the machine (sometimes up to 70kg!). The Hogmaster is also fully C.E certified, which means all of the gas components in the machine have been tested and are safe for use.

The Hogmaster has been a big hit as a hire. This means people are able to hire the machine for a month and then buy the machine if they like it at the end of the period they can purchase it! It’s a bit like a try before you buy scheme, as you don’t have to buy the machine and we will be more than happy collect the machine from you. It is services like this that make us one of the most favoured hog roast companies in the U.K
Another great step forward for the Hogmaster range of machinery is the fact that it will now be listed on the Nisbets catering website. This will open up a whole new customer base for the Hogmaster and is great opportunity for us to expand next year. The listing on Nisbets came about when we catered at an event for them with a Hogmaster piece of machinery. After they tasted the delicious, succulent pork, they couldn’t help but list our Product on the website.

It’s been a Fantastic summer for the Hogmaster and we still have a just under a month of summer left. We only see ourselves going upwards from here and we hope that you can help us do this, by becoming the proud owner of a Hogmaster machine.