The Benefits Of A Hog Roast Machine Over Using A Conventional Oven

Since our name is Hog Roast Machine we often get a lot of questions from guests at events about our roasting methods and how to get the best of your roast at home. While of course you can roast pork at home with a conventional oven and get a delicious result, we came to authentic hog roasting in particular because we find it to be the better option in just about every aspect.

For one, as a caterer that is often working with important and luxurious events, the hog roast method affords us the option to look stylish and create a more special feeling experience for guests. There is no denying that seeing a whole pig be roasted over a hot bed of flames is a much more exciting event experience than just having your pork come from the oven. But we know that when you are cooking at home, the spectacle of the thing probably isn’t so much a required consideration.

Hog Roast MachinesStill, for us, even without the spectacle the hog roast machine creates a better roast. The conventional oven, while reliably cooking your chosen roast, is not going to get quite the same texturing that we are after in our roasts. Our method of hog or spit roasting puts the meat on a spit and rotates it continuously over a bed of flames. This creates a natural charred crispiness on the meat’s skin as the entire roast gets ample opportunity to be flame licked. The turning action also helps to create a baste in the meat, moving all that good flavour and juiciness equally around the entire meaty roast. It intensifies in flavour with each turn!

With the kind of cooking Hog Roast Machine does, quantity is also a massive consideration. A conventional oven is limited to the space inside. You’ll know yourself that the tricky part of, say, a Christmas dinner is balancing timing and space in your oven. Our roasting machines, meanwhile, are sizeable and versatile with our many attachments providing scope for up to 100 potatoes to be cooked at the same time as a pork roast. There’s no battling for oven space here!

While it can seem daunting to go for a hog roast machine, the benefits are there to see, so if you are at all interested in owning your own then come speak to your Hog Roast Machine team today!