Hire a Machine!

Spit roasting has been a way to cook a hog for centuries and at Hog Master we have taken this into consideration and personally feel it is the best way to cook meat. We have been personally building these hog roasting machines for many years now so we know how to get the best out of each and every machine, we also designed them for best personnel use. Hog roasting is in our blood. We have transformed a valuable past time and revitalized it into the modern day and age. We have created new and very useful accessories to go with the hog roast machines such as; a tray to put the hog into so it can roast delightfully in its own juices to get maximum taste, a spit roast so the pig can rest and slowly roast making sure every inch of the pig is golden brown and taste perfect, amazing chicken spits to hold up to 36 whole chickens and a superb BBQ kit which is really handy for since you can roast a variety of food at the same time.

Hire one of our glorious machines today, you will not be disappointed. By having a hog roast machine at your disposal you can turn any family meal into an amazing feast and it is perfect for a family gathering. Everyone will enjoy a hog roast guarantee plus you can roast other meat as well as vegetables and potatoes so there is no end to what you can roast with our excellent roasting machine. By hiring or buying one of our machines you get full set of instructions and our delivery team have full knowledge and can answer any enquires you have for them or about the machine. A hog roast goes with any event or party.

Hog roasted meat is delicious and one of a kind taste sensation. It is truly the best meat out there when its roasted by one of our excellent machines, sizzling in its own juices turning golden brown and when carved the meat simply falls off the bone and the crackling is crunchy with that little taste of the beautifully roasted hog also our multi-purpose and many attachments this machine can turn any meat into a taste sensation.

I defiantly recommend for you to hire one of our superb hog roasting machines, it will change the way you cook meat and have a BBQ.