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What goes perfect with a beautiful sunny day? A Hog Roast! Lately the sun has been shining throughout the whole day in addition it has been really special. It is quickly coming up to summer so why not have a gorgeous day out in the sun and have a hog roast or a barbecue well with the Hog Master you can do both! You can roast a huge hog one day and then have a BBQ the next day or do both in the same day. With the Hog Master is makes roasting a Hog or having a BBQ easy. Why not try it this summer. With our hire service you can experience hog roasting this summer at an affordable price. We have certain packages that let you expand your hire process from a couple of days all the way up to monthly. This way you can roast to your heart’s content, additionally if you hire we will let you pay the extra and reach up to the price of the machine the machine will be yours to keep.

Our dazzling machines come with collection of accessories so you can pick what one or ones you want then you can switch and swap them when you want to roast what you want. The Spit Roast kit; the old fashioned way putting a pig on a spit and watching it roast nothing looks better, watching your food rotate and seeing every inch of the hog is golden brown makes your mouth water. Dazzle friends and family with the wonderful spit roast. The Hog Roast kit; where you can simply put the hog in the tray and leave it to slowly roast, as it lays there its own juices sizzling away. For them chicken lovers Chicken Spit kit; where you can spit roast up to 30 whole chickens at one time! Watch them as they slowly become crispy and brown. Not forgetting the BBQ kit; this is designed fantastic for barbeques, it can produce amazing sausages, burgers, fish, kebabs, steaks and even more! We have also designed the BBQ kit so when you roast a hog you can put the BBQ kit on and carve the meat on the BBQ surface while cooking the meat for BBQ. We have really thought of everything with our grand accessories and will surely be bringing new and exceptional accessories.

Get one of our machines this summer you will not regret it.