Up close and Personal

The Hog Master has been a great success for us as well as other people business across the UK and world, we have been selling some of our hog roast machines to countries around the world such as; Poland, Austria, Saudi Arabia and recently to Malta, Spain, and France, which is amazing since we are slowly becoming worldwide company. The Hog Master will be known soon enough all around the world.

We have enjoyed huge success with the Hog Master over the years and are enjoying more and more. We love working at the Hog Master and are very passionate that our hog roasting machines work perfectly. It is key that the Hog Master has no problems whatsoever due to the fact if you are a customer and you buy something you expect it to work and work well. You don’t go to Mc Donald’s and order a Big Mac then be given a Happy Meal, you would want to change it and get annoyed since Mc Donald’s have messed up a simple order. Simple things like this lose customers and show lack of understanding. We have given our 5 star treatments to our customers thought-out our rein at the top of the hog roast machine industry.

We recently had a customer come to the factory to see how the Hog Master was created. So we welcomed her in and took her round on a tour of the factory. We showed her how our workers mould the stainless steel into place with help of machines, and how they make the engine, bit by bit she became that little bit more intrigued and into the hog roasting machine. She saw the end product and was more than happy to buy one. We even offered her one she watched being created from nothing to a big bulky hog roast machine and she was over the mood and that idea and paid straight away. By doing this it really helps the customer become more intrigued and get more knowledge of the hog roasting machine before they buy it. Plus for those who love watching this get made from scratch it is a great experience.

We hope our Hog Master will be an amazing experience and it will delivery superb results, you will want to roast anything and everything once you get started. Roast Dinners will never be the same again nor will Christmas Dinners.