The Photo Shoot

With the forthcoming arrival of our new website for the Hog Master we had scheduled a photo shoot and yesterday was the big day. It is important when photographing a product that you get the most out of the day and therefore a lot of preparation went into making sure we got the images we needed. The day previous I spent running around collecting the various food items we would need to ensure that we showcased our product and all it uses effectively. We had a busy day ahead of us we were going to cook a full 60kg pig, 25 chickens, 4 strips of beef and a full barbeque. We arrived at the photographers early and set up a catering unit outside the building. We are so used to working as mobile caterers that it was easy, we had two brand new Hog Masters up and running in no time. I then took the chance to make the most of this opportunity and started making a video of the day’s events.

You can see Hog Master Photo Shoot by Clicking on the following link:

We had to be very precise with the cooking times as we wanted to photo the various different meats at different times on the number of attachments we offer. However the Hog Master worked incredibly well meaning we could control when the meat was perfectly cooked meaning we got the best results possible. It was great to see how well the finished product worked and everyone at the studio commented on how great the crackling was. We even gave them a joint each to say thank you. We get the finished results next week so it won’t be long before you see them up on the website.

The Hog Master Team