Professional Hog Roast Machine Hire

Professional Spit Hire
Our Professional hog roast machine is our smaller range of machine.

You can hire a professional machine as a hog roast machine or a spit roast machine. The professional also makes a great bbq machine ask about the barbecue option only £20.

The most popular by far being the very easy to use hog roast machine as this one gives great results and super crispy crackling.

The professional machine will cook a pig up to forty kilos, which is ample to feed up to a eighty people into rolls and is most popular for social gatherings such as birthday parties, christenings etc;

People who hire a Professional machine tend to favour the hog roast because they are usually busy with other things on the day and they would rather have the peace of mind that the machine is doing its job of cooking the pig without any worries, and that’s exactly what the hog roast machine is all about, its effortless, its just like using an oven only on a larger scale, you literally sit the pig inside the machine, scour it, rub some salt on for the crackling and turn the machine on, the machine takes care of everything else, giving you the peace of mind that your catering is taken care of and four hours later your left with a pig cooked to perfection, they don’t want to have to worry about putting the pig on the pole or keeping an eye on the pig to make sure everything is as it should be, The professional machine is easily moved by one person and can be used indoors providing it is in a well ventilated space, so if you intend to hold your function in a village hall or a marquee or even at home it is the perfect choice.

The professional machines are built not just to cook pigs, you can cook lambs, chickens, joints of different meats, turkeys at Christmas, even jacket potatoes. So in conclusion, whatever your event is for, whether it’s a memorable occasion such as a christening or a wedding or even a birthday party, to hire a professional machine from the Spitting pig company is a cost effective, unbelievably easy way to feed your guests whilst at the same time being entertaining.

Professional Hog Hire