Rent A Hog Roast Machine!

You may already know that we rent out our own hog roasting machines to catering professionals who want to provide an additional service for the customers, but did you know that you can rent one yourself to DIY at home, Continue reading

Versatile Hog Roast Machines

We love showing people around our factory and earlier today was no different, when we showed off our top-class hog roasting machines to wedding caterers Lauren and Daley. Having been in the catering business together for many years, the long-time Continue reading

Hog Roast Machine To Local Farmer.

If you’ve always wanted to create your own hog roast spectacle in the comfort of your own home surroundings or even elsewhere, why not ‘go the whole hog’ and hire our top-class equipment to DIY? As leaders in designing and Continue reading

Visit The Showroom

One of our repeat customers here at Hogmaster hog roast machines has recently taken over an event catering business, so he booked an appointment with us to see our factory and showroom. We manufacture our own hog roasting machines and love to Continue reading

Buy Your Own Hog Roast Machine!

Here at Hogmaster hog roast machines, we are keen to help our customers either start or further develop their own catering businesses. We not only hire out our own hog roasting machines so that you can expand to include this wonderful Continue reading

Visit Our Showroom!

We showed a new customer, Terry, around our factory and showroom in the north of England today after he read our blog online and couldn’t believe just how adaptable a hog roast machine is. As well as roasting pig, you Continue reading

Visit Our Factory!

If you didn’t already know that we sell hog roast machines, you may be surprised to learn that we actually designed them ourselves and that we manufacture them here in the UK. We have our own factory and showroom in Continue reading

Try Before You Buy

You may not know this yet, but we actually have our own factory here in the north. We started designing our own machines years ago, and we manufacture them ourselves; you can even come along and have a look for Continue reading

DIY Hog Roast Machines

A hog or spit roast feast is a fantastic talking point that your guests will be bringing up for a long time to come. The taste, smells and sheer spectacle of this kind of cooking all combine to give you a Continue reading