Why not get a Hog Master?

The sun has is slowly coming out from behind the clouds, what happens when the sun shines? The BBQ’s come out, most men get out the BBQ and take over cooking for a certain amount of time. Men feel manlier when behind the Barbeque, so instead of cooking on a little BBQ why not roast on a Hog Master?!

It is so much manlier to stand behind a Hog Master than a little circular BBQ, plus for the woman is it so easy to use. Plus as well as looking a whole lot better than a BBQ the Hog Master stainless steel base makes it a doddle to clean, it looks spectacular with a stainless steel finish sparkling as you roast in the sunshine. As well as looking sparkling the results are sparkling too you will never go back to a BBQ again once you have roasted some meat on the Hog Master and tasted it imagine; a golden brown pig sizzling away, with roasted potatoes and vegetables beside the pig sound heavenly, you could be roasting this right now out in the glorious sun. You may be thinking a hog roasting machine just roast hog, well that it most defiantly not true with the Hog Master, the Hog Master can roast hog, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, burgers, kebabs, potatoes, vegetables and many more, why not try some yourself. Just simply put them in the hog roasting tray and hey presto!

With the Hog Master you get four accessories to enhance and change your hog roasting experience. Hog Roast kit; where you get a tray to place the hog in to roast in its own juices plus adding additions like potatoes and vegetables to be sizzling away in the pig juices. Spit Roast kit; where you slot the pig or whatever animal you want to roast and slowly rotate it sure does look amazing you can put a tray underneath to catch the juices and roast something in the tray. Chicken Spit kit; which can hold up to 36 whole chicken or slices of meat, legs of lamb, or steak of beef, like the spit roast kit up for holding bits of meat. Last but not least the BBQ kit; perfect for BBQs it’s like a flat surface so you can put anything on to roast, plus makes cleaning so much easier it is a real pain cleaning the old BBQ grills not with the Hog Master you simple wipe it down like a normal surface.