Purchasing the Hogmaster Pro! Hog Roast Chatteris

Looking for a way to make the weekly Sunday roast more interesting? Why not get yourself a Hog Roast Chatteris machine and try roasting the easy way! With our tried and tested hog roast machines you too can create delicious mouth-watering meals with minimal effort as the machine does all the hard work for you! This ancient cooking style has come back into fashion and with good reason, it is so simple and easy to do and provides perfect results every time.’

When you purchase a Hog Roast Chatteris machine you will be impressed to learn that the secret to a fantastic meal is just to score the meat and apply seasoning before leaving it to slowly roast away in the machine for as long possible which will create succulent, tender meat every time.

Olivia, who was a florist by trade, made a  visit to our Lancashire factory to browse our Hog Roast Chatteris machines and see if any would take her fancy. After trying a few she settled on the Hogmaster Pro. The Hogmaster Pro is a small but mighty machine. It is capable of roasting a smaller hog or cut of meat and can cook accompaniments too. One of the benefits to this particular machine is its size, perfect for the novice caterer as it is fully portable and providing there is enough ventilation can be used both outdoors and indoors. All of this appealed to Olivia who actually made a purchase there and then much to her own surprise. She told us how she had been expecting to be confronted with huge, hard to use and complicated machines but was impressed with our vast range and the ease of operating even the largest machines.

Hog Roast Chatteris arranged a delivery date and Olivia was on her way, but not before we gave her a quick demo of the machine and a couple of our head chefs recipe tips!