Pig Roast Machine For Sale

The act of home entertainment has become an art form itself. We have watched all the shows and we have read all the books; then we watched as our soufflés dropped, our tortes drooped and our summer fruits salads turned into summer fruits soups. If you, like so many others are fed up of the fuss and faff of finicky foods and would instead prefer simple, great quality food with a taste beyond comparison, then we have the solution for you. And if you are a professional caterer our pig roasting machines will allow you to create a real food theatre with their unique aesthetic design and range of attachments.

After many years of experience in the pig roasting industry we began to feel that the machines we were using were lacking in some areas. It wasn’t that they were unable to perform the tasks we wanted of them, but they were heavy, clunky machines with limited usability. So we set to work to design our own: thus the Platinum was born!

Being pig roasting caters ourselves; we have built in several features which are specific to our machines. We not only incorporate duel cooking areas but have added a selection of accessories to make cooking a range of different foods not just possible, but effortless.

The Platinum pig roast machine offers a completely user friendly catering experience. It is made of tough, durable stainless steel which is not only pleasantly eye catching, it is second to none in cleanliness and hygiene.

One of our first concerns when thinking about pig roast machine design was mobility. Because our machines are available to hire, they have to be capable of manoeuvring into all kinds of places. For this reason it was decided early on that the machine would have four wheels, two of which would feature a locking mechanism for added security: there are times when catering out of doors that you can’t always find a fully even spot, but with the Platinum security locks there will be no fear of your pig roasting machine rolling away while your back is turned!

Our second consideration was for the versatility of the machine. While a fully spit roasted pig is a dramatic centre piece for any occasion, we know that people want to enjoy this fabulous meat with side dishes and sauces. And so we came upon the concept of dual area cooking.

The upper area is reserved for the spit roasted pig, but with our specially designed attachments you could just as easily cook a lamb, beef or even several rotisserie style chickens. The upper level also has doors made of reinforced glass which can be closed for the duration of the cooking process while still allowing the progress of the roasting meat to be monitored. Once cooked the roasted meat can be raised up and displayed in all its glory for your guests.

But it’s in the second cooking area that the platinum pig roasting machine really distinguishes itself: beneath the spit roasting level is a further oven which has the capacity to cook an additional 20kilos of meat. This oven can be utilised as an oven or even as a BBQ which means not only can you cook a variety of meats on it including kebabs; it will happily bake jacket potatoes and other vegetables to compliment your main meat dish. This section of the machine contains the same reinforced glass doors which cover the upper level as part of the main housing giving your guests an excellent view of the food as it cooks and letting the chef maintain a watch as he or she prepares the side dishes and sauces.

It is the capability of this second oven which makes the Platinum such a versatile machine with the capability of catering for large events with guests numbering in their hundreds as well as smaller more intimate parties.

Unlike the more traditional pig roast machines, the Platinum is gas powered. We know how difficult it can be when cooking a spit roasted pig or lamb, to maintain the heat levels. With a fire powered machine it can be very tricky to keep the heat steady for an evenly cooked roast: sometimes this means the chef spends more time attending to the fire than the food. However this will never be a problem for the Platinum user. Our machine is gas powered. It has two horizontal burners which run the length of the oven and these are controlled by gas valves attached to a thermostat. So when you use the Platinum you are fully in control of the heat at the turn of a switch, allowing you to concentrate on roasting the perfect pig!

The platinum pig roast machine was designed by pig roasting caterers whose passion for excellence in the delivery of their service lead to what they believe is the ultimate in professional and efficient pig roasting. The Platinum is the perfect mobile machine thanks to its specially designed wheels; it is an ideal piece of equipment for roasting anywhere from private garden parties to pubs, weddings, christenings, farmers markets. It has the capacity to cater for large corporate events or small private gatherings: its scope is literally limitless!

Our pig roast machines are available for sale and come with a 12 month warranty. Additionally they are gas safety checked. All our pig roast machines for sale are made to the highest standard and fully comply with EEA demand which means they are all CE marked.

We only offer our pig roast machines for sale because we are completely confident in their superior design, ease of use and versatility. All the machines are fully manufactured in the UK and we can offer training for those new to the pig roasting industry along with provision of spare parts and on going support.

If you’re thinking about becoming a pig roaster, then why not get in touch, or visit our show room where one of our team will be happy to give you a guided tour.