Pick Up A Deal On Our Machines This Black Friday At Hog Roast Machines!

Though an American tradition typically, we at Hog Roast Machines can’t help but get in on the excitement of Black Friday. That is why we have offered out multiple deals for our customers this Black Friday, allowing them to get a limited time surprise bonus for their events should they book them within this week. Away from catering our team are also offering customers the chance to become hog roast master’s just like us by purchasing their very own hog roasting machine at a limited time offer.

HogmasterAt Hog Roast Machines we use the very best in culinary technology to design and create our very own range of state-of-the-art hog roasting machines. These are the units that we use each and every day at events. If you have ever had an event with catering from Hog Roast Machines then you will no doubt have seen our Titan or perhaps our Hogmaster machine. They are what we use to expertly slow roast our pigs and other roasts, as well as how we also barbecue for events, grill, and rotisserie roast, and even prep and serve from. They are wonderfully versatile machines that produce incredible results in quantity each and every time we use them. There is a reason our Hog Roast Machine teams are able to rely so heavily on them for even the biggest of events.

Now you can take home one of these machines for yourself. They are best utilised for commercial use since their ability works best for cooking high quantities of food, but you may just wish to become a hog roast hobbyist at home in which case one of our more compact machines may be the thing for you. Our machines are easy to use, but our team will set you up with full training and tips ahead of purchase anyway just so you can get a head start into becoming a hog master yourself.

This Black Friday we have a very limited time deal on our machines if you call now. Just ask our team about the Mystery Black Friday deal and they’ll let you know all about the big savings you could be making this Black Friday on our machines!