Our Company the Hog Master

Many businesses come to us for a hog machine, we guide them through everything from selecting the right hog roast machine to how to get the best use out of it. We have sold millions of hog roast machines for many years now. If you need a hand with anything (to do with hog roasting) we are here to help. It takes a quick phone call or email and we can help you with any request.

Roasting a hog, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey etc with a bit of fire is the way to cook meat without a doubt. Our hog roast machine the Hog Master works in harmony with fire to produce a golden hog which tastes absolutely fantastic there is no better taste. You can tell the difference from a Barbequed Burger to a normal cooked Burger well you can defiantly taste the difference between a normal cooked Burger, Barbequed Burger and Hog Roasted Burger. Many top class restaurants use flame grilling because it makes the meat taste so much better. Top class chefs prefer to flame grill than normally grill. We have taken this into consideration and how in the medieval time a hog roasts were used by Kings and Queens. So it must be special to have a hog roast.

Hog Roasting is our passion and being part of Hog Master is an amazing achievement since we have come so far from being a little catering company. We are trying to spread the word and our products across the UK, trying to show what people have been missing out on and are missing out on. Being a hog roast chef is a great experience, carving up a whole hog which is golden brown, you can claw the meat of the bone, served with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables it all together is truly spectacular, it can be a change from your same old roast dinner, hog roast dinner instead.

There are people all over the UK missing out on a glorious experience we are hoping they catch on to this uprising way of cooking which is becoming popular with people all over the British Isles. You never know until you try so why not try before you buy with our hire service which is handy for people who want to experience a hog roast yet do not actually want to fully commit to a hog roast machine.