How To Choose The Best Hog Roast Machine For Your Catering Goals

Hog roast catering is an exciting, versatile and visually impressive form of outdoor event catering that is becoming increasingly popular for a good reason. If you want to get in on the action and start hog roast catering yourself, you need to begin with choosing the best piece of kit for your business needs.

Hog Roast Machine are the market leaders in hog roast catering equipment and if you are buying from us, you know you are buying from the best. Our passionate team are extremely knowledgeable about all things hog roast related, and we are only too happy to discuss your requirement at length and help you decide what type of hog roast machine would work best for you.

To give you an idea of what type of machine you are looking for, here are two key points that you need to consider:

What events do you want to cater for?

The scale and style of events you would like to cater for will help you to determine what type of hog roaster would be most suited to your needs. If you would like to get involved in large-scale festival caterer, our Platinum model would be perfect for you as it can cook up to two whole hogs in one go. Whereas if you would like to cater for smaller events a more compact machine would be ideal.

Do you want to prepare other food too?

Hog Roast MachinesIf you would like to cater for more formal events such as weddings, and prepare a variety of food, our Hogmaster, which comes with a range of attachment options, would be the machine for you. As well as preparing a traditional hog to perfection, it can also be converted into a BBQ, be used to prepare different hot side dishes, or be used to cooked rotisserie style chickens on a spit.

Our Hog Roast Machine experts are here to guide you down the right path and help to select exactly the right machine for your business. With the right piece of equipment at your side, you will be well on the way to achieving all your event catering ambitions and enjoying every minute of it!