Hogmaster Purchase for a Gastro Pub

We’ve just heard back from Chris and Andy, the owners of a local gastro-pub who are now also two happy owners of one of our state of the art Hogmaster machines. We always love sharing feedback from people who have bought our machines, especially when they are as pleased as Chris and Andy are!

When the couple first contacted us, they told us that modern, freshly made food using locally-sourced ingredients has always been their main selling point and they were looking for a versatile piece of cooking equipment that would enhance what they offer and draw in more customers. After we told them about the virtues of our different machines, they decided that the Hogmaster was exactly what they were looking for. Not only is it a low-maintenance way of producing perfectly cooked meat, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, so all in all it has been a great addition to their kitchen whatever the weather! They are also really pleased with the amount of meat it can cook in one go, which is more than enough to feed a full restaurant twice over! Not to mention the Hogmaster’s ability to cook any joint of meat to perfection, which means they don’t have to limit their menu in any way as they can use it to prepare pretty much all of the meat on their menu.

Chris and Andy have also received great feedback from their customers and word must have spread about their new piece of cooking equipment, because they said their pub has been packed ever since! Their customers particularly enjoy seeing it in action when the weather permits outdoor cooking and thanks to the glass panel at the front, everyone can watch the meat cooking, as well as being able to savour the aroma, which definitely whets everyone’s appetite whilst they’re waiting for their main course!

The couple feel that the Hogmaster has made their already successful gastro pub even more of hit with the locals and they just wish they had taken the plunge and bought one sooner!