Hogmaster Pro Purchase for a Deli!

We’ve just heard back from Jenny, our latest very satisfied customer who has bought a machine from our Hogmaster Pro range, and the Hog Roast Ockbrook team want to share the great feedback we got from her! Jenny runs a local deli and like many similar business owners in the area she has had a tough few months. She is relieved, in light of everything, that she is able to remain open at the moment and she decided that she wanted to offer her loyal customers something new and increase her repertoire. She has always prided herself on providing high quality produce that is freshly made on-site but with having limited prep space, she needed a piece of equipment that could allow her to continue to give her customers the same high level of fresh food without it taking up too much extra time or space. Jenny found both of those boxes well and truly ticked when she was introduced to the Hogmaster Pro!

Hog Roast OckbrookBeing a smaller but still perfectly formed model in Hog Roast Ockbrook’s popular Hogmaster range, the Hogmaster Pro can still prepare a 35 kilo pig whilst being compact enough to fit comfortably into a more limited kitchen space, which is of course, exactly what Jenny wanted! And even though she had never operated a hog roast machine before, thanks to its user-friendly set-up and the helpful advice she received from the Hog Roast Ockbrook team, she was up and running in no time! Jenny told us that her take-away slow roasted pork has very rapidly become a firm favourite on her menu, and her customers keep coming back for more, thanks to the depth of flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture the Hogmaster Pro produces! And as it is so reliable, she can pretty much leave it to do its thing whilst she takes care of preparing the rest of her food, meaning she doesn’t have to labour for hours in order to achieve such impressive results. Jenny feels that investing in the Hogmaster Pro has given her and her deli a much-needed boost, and given how popular her slow roasted pork has become, it looks as if her new piece of cooking equipment is going to continue to play a key role in the service she provides!