Hogmaster Abroad

Wow what a week it’s been here at Hogmaster hog roasts. It seems like the season is in full swing now and we have seen a record number of hog roasts going out of the factory the week. What a lot of people don’t realise it that we are a worldwide supplier of hog roasts and last week was a perfect example of that. We had three machines go out overseas last week, the first was sent to Austria, the second to Poland and the third went all the way to the Saudi Arabia. Our CE certification fully covers all these countries and therefore it is a very simple process to get them overseas. We work with a professional and reliable courier service that can deliver anywhere in the world at speed. We can supply instructions in the users native language and we can also offer support through our dedicated youtube channel that has lots of how to videos to show how to get the best from your machine. So if your overseas and would like a Hogmaster then get in touch today and let the professionals take care of it.

The Hog Master Team