Hog Roast Oven

Choosing the right equipment for your business is of course one of the most important tasks you will be faced with. Quality gear will always serve you well and help you achieve success in your job. Make a poor choice and you will always regret it. That is why choosing the right hog roast oven is such an important decision. It will form the centrepiece of your work so you want to make absolutely certain that it is going to be just right for you and your customers. Anyone in the hog roasting business will know how important it is to have a hog roasting oven that can accomplish a variety of tasks. Versatility is the name of the game and multiple uses of your hog roasting equipment really will open up many opportunities for you. Your pig roast oven really can be an ultimate one stop hog shop if you choose the right one of course! At Hog Roast Machines, we think we have achieved the creation a hog roast oven that marries versatility with ease of use.

As hog roasters ourselves, we became disenchanted with the machines we had been using. They did get the job done, but only after a lot of mucking about with fires which were difficult to regulate and clunky housing that was difficult to move to and from the venues. As a hog roaster, this is an inconvenience that you could really do without. Your valuable time should be spent keeping your customers delighted with great tasting food and not worrying about making sure all your equipment is working as it should be. If you need to move your hog roast oven, it should be a simple task that takes a few seconds and not some monumental military operation that can take an age. It’s matters like this that helped us shape our designs and features so that you get all the fantastic benefits.

The key points of our exclusive design start with the wheels. Four sturdy wheels, one on each corner of the hog roast machines make gaining access to your venue over different grounds, from lawns to sand, as easy as a quick push. Good manoeuvrability is critical for a pig roast oven because you will already know that venues are as varied as the types of occasions that you get booked for. For every wonderfully accessible hotel and conference centre you are booked for, there will be an old sports club or workplace that requires incredible patience, strength and agility to get your gear in place!

Of course the method of cooking is the most important issue and in resolving this, we chose to utilise a design which would incorporate several attachments which all fit into the one machine. For example for the experienced user we have the full spit roast kit which consists of the spit pole, carving trays and a fully motorised rotor to keep the meat moving. Once your meat is cooked the pole is able to be raised and secured by our “claw” making carving much easier. Alternatively the hog roast kit can be used. With this method the pig sits lower down in the hog roast oven on a stainless steel tray where it stays until it is thoroughly cooked. It’s important to note that the trays can bear the weight of a full pig for the duration of the cooking process. As you can see, our ovens really do feature everything that you could possibly want. These may not be features that you would use straightaway but, just like any well equipped kitchen, you just know that these features are going to work their way into your routine and soon become invaluable tools of your trade. And of course, the more flexible and professional that you are seen to be in your hog roasting duties, the more likely it is that customers will come back for more.

Controllability of the cooking process is of fundamental importance. When roasting a pig, controlling the heat is really important which is why our hog roast oven is now gas powered. This means it will provide a steady heat throughout cooking and can be lowered with a thermostat to keep the meats warm whilst serving. This total control puts you in charge of the cooking process rather the cooking process controlling you. This is really helpful as we all know that special occasions and functions can have rather ‘flexible’ timetables and that there may be occasions when you need to slow things down a little to accommodate a rather longer than expected speech or delay in proceedings. This supreme controllability could be the most welcome feature for you. We can also include attachments to make cooking a variety of meats possible as well as the traditional spit roasted pig: these include whole lambs, beef and chicken. This is really handy as I am sure that you have had a number occasions where hog has not been the preferred option. The ability to load up different meat and cook it to perfection is one that will most definitely be of great benefit and will really help open up many new opportunities for you in your roasting business.

And if all that wasn’t enough, we have a BBQ tray. As wonderful as the meats our machine can cook are, there is always need for some accompaniment and the BBQ tray is the ideal place to cook a selection of vegetables to perfection, or include some BBQ meats if you prefer. This really does add an extra dimension to what you can offer. Being able to cook these accompaniments in addition to your meat whilst using the same equipment could be a real godsend. Being able to keep an eye on everything cooking in the one place is so handy and is just another example of why our superb machines will put you in total control. There is always a temptation to look for a bargain when it comes to buying new hog roasting equipment but beware. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. What you really need to look for is true quality. This equipment is your livelihood so you don’t want to make any compromises. You need to look for equipment that is strong, tough, durable, superbly finished and that is designed to be used again and again. Our machines are all made from tough stainless steel making them clean and hygienic. We manufacture everything in the UK, so you know these machines are made to be long lasting and durable. Don’t waste money on cheap imitations because you just won’t get the quality your work deserves.

When you buy a hog roast oven from us you do so knowing you will receive full training and business support. We have a dedicated team who are ready and waiting to give detailed tutorials on how to get the best from the machines and to help you decide which attachments will suit you best. But nothing is written in stone, you don’t have to buy all the kit at once. If you find yourself in need of extra parts at any time, we can have them with you within 24 hours. You see, we are about more than just machines. We really want to achieve superb results with your hog roast equipment. We want to see even more people enjoying the incredible flavour and great experience that is a hog roast and that’s why we are here to support you every step of the way. It’s why hog roast is fast becoming one of the United Kingdom’s favourite catering options, and quite right too!

Give us a call at Hog Roasting Machines and let’s get started today!