Hog Roast Machine

As you probably know we build our own machines from scratch. If you didn’t know we do a fine, well built range of machines from hog roasting machine to spit roasting machine and also for them chicken lovers we do a spit roasting machine. They all come with a wide variety of accessories. This is one way of impressing guests or even family members. Roasting this way is the best way to cook meat; once you try you will keep roasting and roasting. We recently sold one to Dave in Kent, he was amazed and loved his new machine, he was willing to recommend us to anyone he knew. Buying one of our machines isn’t just a way of making you look like a top chef, it can also give you that helping hand into starting up your own business.

If you don’t have the money to buy one you can hire a machine from us. There are different packages from under £200. To make things easier for you we can even source the meat and prepare the meat for you so you don’t have to worry yourself about trying to get that meat up to perfection. Once the meat is with you just simply put it on and start roasting. You can enjoy the roasting machine daily, weekly, or even monthly! At some of these rates we will add in a few extra perks such as meat options, cleaning equipment and tables if your tables aren’t big enough for the feast.

If you are doing a feast for family members or work colleagues or even at a party. You may and most probably get that one picky person not wanting that specific meat you are preparing so with the hog roasting machine you can prepare many different meats so you can please them just about anyone even those who don’t like their meats. It even roasts jacket potatoes too! So you can even be adventurous and try roasting pretty much anything you wish.

With years of catering and we know what makes a grand meal, like Spit Roasted Pig served with Apple Sauce and Stuffing with Crispy Crackling, Spit Roasted Spring Lamb seasoned with Rosemary served with Mint and a Mustard & Dill Sauce. We have a Turkey dish and a Chicken dish, you should have a look and try them out you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend ordering a machine from us, you will not regret it!