Hog Roast Machine Hire Wirral

As well as hog roast catering, we also hire hog roast machines in Heswall, Caldy, Birkenhead, Neston, Barston, Hoylake and Ellesmere Port and sell hog roasting machines. Unsurprisingly, this is the equipment we use time and time again for our catering jobs, and it’s never let us down before. When cooking a hog roast, it’s handy to have one of our machines, as whole pigs are far too big to fit into a conventional oven, and, as you sometimes find when roasting meat, it rarely gets cooked evenly. Pig cooked on a hog roasting machine is done thoroughly and evenly, as it spit roasts the meat, which gives the whole pig equal exposure to the heat generated by the machine. It also makes basting, marinating and garnishing the meat a lot easier, as you can coat the entire hog. Most importantly of all, spit-roasted pig tastes better, as it locks in most of the juices, and doesn’t dry the meat out. Hiring a hog roasting machine from us is ideal if you’re having a party or barbecue, and if you want to indulge in your passion for cooking. The hands-on approach towards hog roast catering is very rewarding if you get it right, and with our machines, it’s very difficult to go wrong. With our easy-to-follow instructions for cooking a hog roast, you’ll end up with perfect results every time. All you have to do is put the pig onto the machine, and let it rotate slowly for around six hours.

As well as spit roasting pigs, our machines can also spit-roast other meats, whether it’s chicken, lamb, turkey or beef. Hiring one our machines gives you the flexibility to cook whatever meat you want for your function, and it can help to enhance your skills as a chef or entertainer. Either as a one-off or as a occasional thing, hiring a hog roast machine is a great idea, but if you get a taste for using it regularly after trying it once, then you can buy a hog roasting machine from us for a very reasonable price. As our hog roast machines are top of the range, easy to use and have no design flaws, you’re certain to get the best spit-roasted pig imaginable when it’s done. If you own a pub or restaurant, having your own hog roasting machine would be ideal. Conventional ovens, no matter how big or expensive, can’t do everything, and they’re difficult to clean, maintain and are prone to breaking. Roasting meat or vegetarian alternatives in an oven, if done right, can be tasty, but there’s often little room for error. However, using a hog roast machine to cook your meat ensures that nothing can go wrong, and as it cooks slowly, it won’t be overdone.

One of our hog roast machines would be perfect if you own a pub, and want to serve a spit-roasted meat of your choice to customers as part of a carvery. Many of the best pubs in the country have their own carveries, and if you have a hog roast machine, you’ll have the very best meat to serve alongside your veg, potatoes, stuffing and gravy. If used regularly, it can save you money because, if using a whole pig, you can get so much from that whereas buying several joints would cost you more. As well as cooking great meat, it also looks impressive, slowly rotating while dazzling your customers with its beauty. Displaying the machine while it’s cooking your spit-roast will help to persuade punters to have some of it, which will work out for everyone: you as the owner will make money from selling the spit-roast, and they’ll have had some top-notch meat to go down with their drink. Everyone’s a winner. When it comes to hog roast catering, we’ve got all bases covered, and if you have any questions about how to use a hog roast machine, what to have at your party, or for any culinary tips, feel free to contact us either by phone or e-mail. Either way, if you’re not sure, we’ll help to point you in the right direction.