Hog Roast Machine Hire Norfolk – Hog Roast Machine Hire Suffolk

Whatever your event we are able to cater to your needs and provide a package to suit your Norwich hog roast machine hire requirements. Hands on chefs can rent the machine for however long they need but most of the time we find customers end up buying a machine from us. After tasting the meat cooked on our Dereham hog roast machine hire they prefer the flavour and soft texture and want to recreate it themselves at home. This is testimony to our hog roasting machines, which at first may seem strange and perhaps old fashioned to many people but when they try our food they fall in love and rent and buy machines to try a hog roast at their next party or event. Our machines are all hand built and CE approved and come with our guarantee so your machine is safe should anything go wrong. Our testimonials from customers show how happy they have been with our machines in their past and dedication to the reliability of our machines and services.

Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft are famous beach resorts and there is nothing better than an outside beach party or barbeque in the summer. If you take pride in serving the best local meat and produce why not go the whole hog and rent a roast machine to cook your meat to succulent perfection. It is not only beach parties were our machines have proved popular, throughout winter we have found our machines a popular addition to many bonfires and firework parties. As well as Fun fairs, village fetes and school open days, whether outside or indoors a hog roast machine can prove an exciting centre piece and talking point. One of our machines can attract a lot of people to your event as well as providing an affordable and enjoyable catering option. No longer the decadent and expensive experience it once was, we provide a luxurious and unique eating experience at a fraction of the usual catering costs. This makes us a fantastic and cost effective method to cater for large events or a large group of people. As well as catering for business and corporate events we can also make your hog roast experience more intimate providing smaller packages for family gatherings. Whether large or small we have a package and options to cater for all your needs. I guarantee you won’t regret this every time you taste some of our food.

Make your next Thetford hog roast hire party or event something to remember and try one of our roasting machines or menus. With over thirty years’ experience in the catering industry we have the skills and training to make your party a great success with a unique dining experience and centre piece. A roasting machine is the modern day version of classical banqueting and fine dining. We add a touch of class to any event for a very affordable price. In catering options you won’t find a traditional eating and cooking experience which provides as much value for money as a roasting machine.

“At a recent business meeting I was assigned the task of providing refreshments and food for some clients who would be visiting our offices, with a relatively small budget I was under strict orders to provide something more up market than the usual finger buffets without going overboard. I had tried some pork from a roasting machine the weekend before at a party and thought it would be a great idea for the visiting guests. On finding this web site I hired a machine and staff for well within my budget. The guests and my boss were very impressed and even more so when I told him the cost was about the same as our usual catering. We know rent the machines all the time when catering for important clients who are used to airplane and hotel cuisine. The Hog roasting machine provides a step back to traditional wholesome food and a more relaxed enjoyable eating experience.”

This is one example from our many happy business and personal customers who have rented or purchased one of our Kings Lynn hog roast machine hire in the past. Many of our customers’ remark on how we have helped make their event or party a great success to fit all of their testimonies would require another web site. We are proud of every event and party that we cater as each is different it makes this business more enjoyable and challenging. New Market hog roast machine hire for the New Market racecourse is famous for horse racing and a great day out. No longer only the playground of the upper class, racing has become more universal and a great way to promote a business with stands at galas and private suites for entertaining guests. We are offering you the chance to have a fantastic centre piece and talking point at your stand or event whether you want the machine for a day at the races or more long term we can provide a package and menu to suit your needs. The extravagant image of a large hog turning on the spit needn’t cost a small fortune though we have smaller machines and packages for a more intimate event and gathering, such as a family gathering or wedding too much larger events and machines for fairs, fetes, festivals, stalls and business packages.

Bury St Edmunds has been a famous market town since before the time of William the Conqueror today it still has a popular market and the annual Christmas Fayre has won an award for best tourism event in 2010. Amongst the stalls you will find at least a couple of vendors selling hot pork, lamb, beef or chicken sandwiches served from a traditional spit roasting machine. The stalls and our Bury St Edmunds hog roast machine hire prove more successful every year as we rent and sell more machines to local butchers and businesses to offer the best quality cooked meat in sandwiches for a reasonable profit. You can cut out the middle man and buy or rent a roasting machine straight from us you will find it a great investment and a great addition to any dinner party or dining experience. At home you can recreate the traditional hog roast experience and enjoy wonderfully tender meat cooked to perfection.