Hog Roast Hire Manchester

I was busy planning a suprise hog roast party for my poker friends so wanted to hire a hog roast machine in Manchester so i called my brother. Now my brother is different from anyone else because he has a catering company and is famous all around Manchester for the quality of his food which is simply delicious. So, I contacted him and he duly accepted and agreed run our hog roast catering

After discussing through with ‘Big’ Tony my poker playing pal about what he wanted from my brothers hog roast catering, he chose all the options available. There was going to be a huge guest list which included players, their guests and the local media. He wanted to make as much of an impact as possible. The food which ‘Big’ Tony went for included all meats on offer which were beef, lamb, a vegetarian option as well as hog and other condiments which included canapés. As waiters and waitresses with vast years of experience to their name could be provided, ‘Big’ Tony opted for this as well as this dedicated service would make an even greater impression. As well as this, with the smell of hog roast meat wafting through the poker room this might distract the other players so ‘Big’ Tony could win the cash pot. Not that anybody minded; it was an honour to be invited as well as sample my brothers hog roast meat at the same time.

As the night came closer, I started to worry that my brother wouldn’t live up to expectations and that the food he served would be inadequate. However, as I arrived at the poker club I needn’t have worried as his hog roast stall was neatly tucked away in the corner with huge queues starting to form already even though the canapés had just been served.

We then took an hour break. Thankfully the organisers had given us this amount of time as the queue for my brothers hog roast was incredibly long. He had hired his best friend to help him out with serving the hog roast and my brother, being the astute businessman, had showed great foresight in doing this as the quick speed yet excellent level of service which we all received was evidence of why he is highly regarded in Manchester. With all meat and the single vegetarian option quickly consumed, so were the condiments as well. As the hour flew by, we soon had to re-join the game with some of us still eating our hog roast roll as we walked quickly towards the poker table.

I was congratulated not just for this achievement but for asking my brother to provide the catering. The expectations that were held about his food were easily met and shows why he is a respected hog roast caterer. Not only did he show that he was capable of supplying hog roast meat but also other foodstuff. A huge success, the repeat business which he accumulated is still reaping rewards to this day and long may he continue to provide hog roast machines and catering services in Manchester for the foreseeable future. So next time you are looking to hire a hog roast machine go straight ahead and hopefully your event will be as successful as mine.