Getting Everything You Need For Your Hog Roast Machine with Us!

If you have ever seen Hog Roast Machines at an event of your own, or even one you are just attending, then you will no doubt have seen our chefs using a very impressive looking metal box to make our famous hog roasts. This will have been one of our many incredible hog roasting machines that we not only use every day, but also design and make ourselves at our factory in Lancashire.

With our own manufacturing house Hog Roast Machines has been able to create a range of exceptional all-purpose roasting machines that are capable of managing dining for even the biggest events in the UK. Because we ourselves use these machines every single day for our own events, they are at the bleeding edge culinary capability and benefit from our 20+ years of daily experience in the catering industry.

Hog Roast MachinesThat means when it comes to purchasing or hiring your own roasting machine, either for commercial or private use, there is nowhere else better to come to than Hog Roast Machines. Together with our own showroom, our experience in catering, and our manufacturing capabilities you have a vendor that can give you everything you need when purchasing. Our experts can tell you the best choice of machine for your needs, our showroom can give you a taste of how they look and work, and our manufacturing house can set you up with any necessary maintenance, repairs, and upgrades that you will need along your hog roasting journey.

Purchasing a machine with Hog Roast Machines can be so much more than giving you your machine and saying goodbye. As part of the deal we are also more than happy to give you a training course at one of our manufacturing warehouses. This can just be a day where you spend time with one of our chefs who will share their years of experience using these machines to get you right on your way to becoming a hog roasting expert like them. We can also offer your warranties, guarantees on gas safety certificates, and even pointers on where to shop for the best pork in the UK. Getting your machine isn’t the end of your time with us, it’s just the beginning!

So, why not come and have a look at our machines for yourself today!