For The Best Machine For Your Business – Come To Hog Roast Curbridge

If you’ve come to realise a need for hog and spit roasts to be served in your area, your business could well benefit from you purchasing your own equipment and here at Hog Roast Curbridge, we’re not only caterers ourselves, but we also sell our own range of hog roasters, so we can easily help you with that. Our team has many years of experience, knowledge and expertise and we actually make our own machines by hand in our Lancashire factory, and they’re the ones we use ourselves when catering, and which always make fresh and tasty food, each and every time.

Hog Roast CurbridgeWe often surprise our customers with the fact that our hog roast machines are not only for cooking hogs. We designed them to work like normal ovens, so you can cook food inside too, at the same time as you’re roasting your meat and this is particularly useful when you’re cooking a whole meal, as you can cook all of your chosen vegetables and potatoes simultaneously. With our special attachments, you can spit-roast various animals or birds or even barbecue various meats, vegetables or fish instead of using it to create a hog roast centrepiece, so they’re greatly versatile in several ways.

You’re more than welcome to visit us in person in Lancashire, and you don’t need to make an appointment with Hog Roast Curbridge in order to do so, as you can just pop by and our experts will show you around our stock and discuss your needs, and you can even watch one of our machines being built from scratch if you like. We have both new and used equipment on sale and we offer trade-ins and financing options if needed.

If you’ve never tried cooking in this unique way before, you can ‘try before you buy’ by hiring one of our machines from us first, but you should know that once you’ve tried, you’ll surely be hooked! Speak to Hog Roast Curbridge today or pop into our showroom and factory and we can help you with deciding on the best machine for you and your business.