Football with the Hog Master

Hog Master has sold hundreds of hog roast machines and last week and this was the week in this month we sold the most. Which is all thanks to Football, since there was; Play Off Finals for three leagues and Champions League Final also England will be playing their friendly soon and next June England will star in the Euros. So all the pubs have jumped on board and hired or bought a hog roast machine to cater for all the football fans or just people who want to go to the pub to enjoy a pint or two, but it is perfect since the three things men love and sometimes some woman do to.

We have also had home users buy or hire out a hog roast machine to watch the game at home and enjoy a lovely hog roast with the family and friends which is a great way to spend your time, a delicious hog roast and family and friends with you. We hope to sell quite a few aboard since the Euros are coming and just like England rushing out to get a hog roast machine for the Football we hope the other countries will jump on board. Some people will maybe want a hog roast on the beach this summer, or to chill in the back garden sun bathing in the sun while the hog is sizzling away in the background.

Next month we at Hog Master feel it is going to be a specula month for us. The Sun will come out getting people to buy a hog roasting machine there is nothing better than a amazing delightful hog roast in the scorching sun, Euro football will hopefully get the pub grabbing a hog roast machine, and people who really want a hog roast.

This week we hope to sell the remainder of our hog roast machines and get a new batch of Hog Master on the go. We have had some customers in to have a look at the Hog Master being built from scratch to some people seeing this is an amazing experience and in some cases seeing their own Hog Master being built and having that special bond with it right from the off. Our specialist engineers can work under the pressure of being watched. Our specialist engineers have a years of experience and know all there is to know about a Hog Master. Providing you with help and expertise’s whenever you need it.