Features of the Hog Master

It’s May and the Hog Master is looking forward to new month of sales. Anything can happen in these 31 days and the Hog Master can adapt to any needs when it comes to making a sale. We hope this month can be as successful and even more successful than the last, wishing the Sun will come out and cheer everyone up yet with the weather today it doesn’t look that good. Even though you can hog roast in the rain many people decide not to, preferring to roast in the nice hot sun which is understandable, yet a hog roast can be an amazing heart, belly and body warmer. All you need is to hog roast under shelter, in a garage, indoor if you can, set up under a marquees or gazebos or if you’re brave enough hog roast in the rain.

Our hog roast machines have created some of the best tasting pig, lamb, chicken, turkey, beef and many other meats and foods. Hog roasting is slowly but surely becoming more popular in the UK and highly in demand. With hundreds of people wanting to roast the hog themselves it is key for first timers or even people that regularly they get a hog roast machine that is easy to use and very efficient. That is where we come in; the Hog Master is easy to use and very efficient. The Hog Master has many features making this the best hog roast machine on the market.

Hog Master Features:
Stainless Steel – Being Stainless Steel gives the Hog Master a shiny brand new look, plus having Stainless Steel there is no stains and cleaning is a doodle.

Quality Wheels – Quality wheels may seem a standard thing in all hog roasting machines yet the Hog Masters wheels are of the best quality providing ease when moving the Hog Master around on a variety of surfaces and terrain which is great of the mobile hog roasters.

Accessories – Having many accessories you can change your hog roasting experience in a couple of clicks. You can choose from Spit Roast Kit, Hog Roast Kit as Standard, Chicken Spit Kit and BBQ Kit. You can chop and change accessories as much as you please maybe one night serving up chickens on your Chicken Spit and then having a BBQ in the hog sun the very next day.

The Hog Master has many other outstanding features. Have a look yourself online http://www.anhogroast.co.uk/machine-hire.htm