The Titan Triumphs at a Homemade Beer Tasting Party!

After weeks of waiting patiently, Mike’s first batch of homemade beer was finally ready for consumption, and since he had been making such a big deal out of it to his mates, he decided to throw a party to celebrate finally being able to crack a bottle-or several-open! Feeling like a certain sense of ceremony was required for the homebrew tasting event, he also wanted to cook some impressive grub, which would make up for the ale if it was a disaster! Continuing in the spirit of doing it all himself, he decided he wanted to hire a hog roast machine, but he had no idea where to start, or even if he would be able to operate one!

When Mike contacted us, we knew immediately that the Titan would be the perfect machine for him, as it is probably our most popular and easy to use machine, that requires minimum effort but produces maximum flavour! We couldn’t vouch for Mike’s beer, but we could guarantee that any meat cooked in the Titan would definitely impress his mates!

Mike felt at ease straight away when our informative team talked him through how to operate the Titan and explained the essential health and safety tips. Even though he had never used a hog roast machine before, he felt confident from the outset about tackling it on his own and his mates were all taken aback as to how professional he looked handling the Titan! They all enjoyed gathering around to watch the pork cooking through the heat proof glass panel at the front and were all so keen to try the meat, they almost forgot about the beer!

Apparently, the homebrew received mixed reviews, but the pork didn’t! Everyone loved it and Mike said it was the most stress-free method of cooking he had ever tried! His mates decided he should stick to hog roasting rather than brewing beer in future, as thanks to the Titan, he achieved much more successful results! Never mind Mike, you can’t always get everything right the first time, but at least now you know the Titan will never let you down!