Hog Roast Cornwall- Why Not Try Out The Hogmaster Attachments

As professional caterers, Hog Roast Cornwall know a thing or two about what it takes to create the perfect slow roasted hog. For this reason, we found it made sense to start designing and building our own catering machines. We already knew what we needed and how it needed to function in order to provide the very best results and so when we started building our own Hog Roast Cornwall machines, we knew it would be something that would attract fellow caterers and members of the public alike. Hence, we now also sell our machines and designs to our clients giving everyone the opportunity to cook fantastic hog roasts for themselves!

One of our recent Hog Roast Cornwall machines customers was Luke who had visited our factory to take a look at the Hogmaster. Before visiting Luke had enquired on the phone about our machine specifications as well as taking a look on our website to make sure he was well informed. We always advise our customers that the best thing to do when making such an investment is to visit us in person as this is, we believe, the best way to truly get a feel for the different machines and how they work.

As Luke already had his heart set on the Hogmaster machine we took the opportunity to show off the many attachments this brilliant machine has. By itself the Hogmaster is a fantastic hog roast machine. It is able to effortlessly produce a perfect juicy pig and cracking and thanks to its intuitive design it doesn’t matter what level of chef you may be. The attachments we offer only enhance the Hogmasters abilities; the BBQ attachment transforms the machine into an industrial BBQ, the glass window enables your clients to observe spit roasts in the process adding spectacle to any event whilst the hot serve attachment means you can easily keep food warm throughout your event.

Luke was understandably spoilt for choice and whilst purchasing the Hogmaster at our factory decided to get the BBQ and glass attachments there and then! Another happy customer.