Effect of The Platinum

Platinum a new and rising hog roast machine making business, which hopefully in time we will be known throughout the UK and every businesses dream to be known across the world.

We have created a whole new hog roasting machine that will hopefully change the way people hog roasting in the UK forever. Making hog roasting easier and on a larger scale, our hog roasting machine will surely be the hog roasting machine in everyone’s kitchen. Since it has dual cooking ability which the top can hog roast or spit roast while the bottom can roast other things like legs and chunks of meat, or potatoes and vegetables or both! Plus they can be set on two different heats so you can slow the pig on the spit roast and fast cook the vegetables and potatoes in the bottom cooker. We feel this unique hog roast machine will be a key factor that will and can be used in all restaurants, catering business, Michelin Stared restaurants, fast food shops and house hold homes.

We still have been hiring out our hog roasting machines and all of the customers who have been using the Platinum have said how amazing the Dual Cooking is and how simple it makes cooking an everyday meal to roasting for hundreds of customers. We recently loaned out a Platinum Hog roasting machine to a local catering business. They was very impressed and quick to praise our unique idea which comes in handy, after being very impressed we decided for his business having a BBQ kit would really help their business roast burgers, kebabs and other meats. After two days of using the BBQ kit they absolutely loved it and paid us in full within two days of receiving it.

We also recently hired out one to a family in a local town, they had a lot of children which meant a lot of mouths to feed. After using the Platinum for a week they decided to buy it, saying “the dual cooking is so handy you can throw everything in and keep an eye on the kids and when it’s ready you can simply serve the food which is cooked beautifully and enjoy a fabulous meal which the whole family will enjoy”.

We have hired out the Platinum to a wide range of people and all have been amazed at the magnificent hog roasting machine we have created.