Brand New Machine

Today is a very exciting day here as we are preparing to make a brand new machine based on the Platinum. We have been designing this prototype for the last couple of weeks now and we are very happy with the final draft, as always we have our best engineers on the job that work through us at the factory.

We have been making hog roast machines for the last 25 years and is the leading provider of machines in Europe. We have just received all the parts and all the stainless steel panels have been bend to our specification ready for this brand new machine to be put together by our team.

We already manufacture and sell a range of different machines including the platinum, the hog master, professional, titan and zeus ,  all our machines are at a very competitive price and can be delivered nationwide.

With a wide range of accessories available for all our machines means that you can cook literally any type of meat and different types of food and vegetables.

The spit kit comes with multiple attachments that make your machine fully capable of cooking a pig or lamb in a more tradition style, rotating over a roaring flame. The advantage of cooking a pig in this way is that the pig is always rotating ensuring that it is cooked evenly, when it is finally cooked you raise the spit pole so that it sits on the aerials, this makes the cooked pig very visual towards customers/guests and using the carving tray provided which you just slide underneath to sit on top of the machine, this makes it a lot easier to carve a pig, even for people with little or no experience.

Another accessory we make is the Chicken Spit, this works in a similar way to the spit kit, the only difference is the chicken spit has 5 arms, each of which has a three prong pole which allows the user to securely attach food items for the duration of the cooking process. You can cook up to 36 chickens at once making this piece of kit a must have for caters hosting a large crowd. If you prefer the chicken spit is capable of holding legs of pig or lamb, or big joints of steak, you can even cook all these types of meat at the same time.

One of our bestselling accessories is the BBQ plate, easy to use and made of stainless steel you just place it on top of your machine with the gas burners turned on you now have a fully mobile BBQ, again a great way to cook for large crowds in comparison to other catering methods.

All our machines and accessories are ready available and are made of stainless steel (apart from the zeus which has a black powder coated bottom) which makes them very tough and easy to clean which is a massive advantage regarding food safety. We offer next day delivery anywhere in the country and all our machines come with a 12 month guarantee